Yuta Kirishima

Yuta Kirishima

Coming from the Magic Kingdom, Yuta and Nina are childhood friends. He is adept enough with magic that he doesn't need a computer to cast spells like Nina does, and teases her about that frequently. He has a kind heart. At first, Yuta appears to show affection for Ayu, but, as Ayu later discovers, he is actually crazy about Nina. In the last episode of the anime, Yuta appears to have some feelings for Luna, but in the manga, he falls in love and goes out with Sayaka up to the very end.


Yuta Kirishima has a light-brown hair and green oval eyes. He is usually seen wearing a white shirt with a green colored short-sleeved shirt and a necklace. He is also seen in his wizard or sorcerer form in the Magic Kingdom which is all red.


In the beggining of the anime, he has a crush on Nina but appears that Nina does not notice it, he also said that he would rather be friends with her forever than to confess and they won't be friends anymore. Yuta is known to be a popular,smart person in the magical kingdom. He only appears in the anime for only a small time.