Tamako is Ayu's pet dog which is mentioned in the bonus chapter of book 2. Nina brings Leo/Rio to meet Ayu's dog. Nina didn't know, and thought that Tama's a cat. So she tells Leo/Rio that he would be meeting Ayu's pet "cat". Leo meets Tama in human form. He suddenly sees a butterfly, so due to his cat instincts, he chases it.Tama followed him there, and now they're both lost. Leo/Rio says that they'll find the way out of here. After that Tama says that Leo/Rio is brave, and when she grows up, she's gonna be his bride. Leo says no at first, but then agrees on it. They find Ayu and Nina, and no one was looking, so Ayu turned Tama back into an animal. Leo is shocked when he sees a dog standing infront of him. Leo and Tama said how they can't get married because Leo's a cat, and Tama's a dog.

Appearance (Human)Edit

Tama has shoulder length brown pigtails and bronze colored eyes.

Character CategoryEdit

Minor Character