Maya Orihara

One of the candidates to be the princesses of the Magic Kingdom and Nina's childhood friend, Maya has a pet chameleon named Ruru. Her hobby is black magic. At the beginning of the story, Maya had a strong rivalry with Nina but in episode 26, the rivalry ends. Maya has a crush on the prince, who loved her since the time from their childhood when they danced together and she saved him, and later marries him to become princess of the Magic Kingdom. Her real name is Maya Orphelia. She does not appear in the manga, but in the epilogue chapter she is mentioned as the roommate of Nina in Eltoria. She has a pet chameleon,Ruru/Lulu.


She has a fair skin complexion, Blonde hair and green eyes. The ends of her hair are rather curly. She usually wears a purple necklace with purple, round beads and a black string.